• Phototherapy


    Positive effects of ultrasound in psoriasis

    In the center of dermatology Nur Sultan widely used phototherapy (long-wave UV rays from 320 to 400 nm) or PUVA therapy. The positive effects of ultrasound radiation in psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases have long been known. 

    It has anti-inflammatory, bacteriocidal, immunomodulatory effects, stimulates melanin synthesis by melanocytes (skin cells). Quite a long experience of application and reviews of experts prove the effectiveness of PUVA therapy in the treatment of various dermatological diseases (including psoriasis), especially in the case of persistent course and the ineffectiveness of other therapeutic methods.

    According to medical statistics, significant improvement, symptom mitigation and clinical remission are achieved in more than 80% of cases. Regression is observed after several procedures, and the remission period lasts long enough. To maintain remission and eliminate individual psoriatic elements, repeated courses are carried out in a supportive mode.

    The approximate price of one PUVA therapy procedure for psoriasis is from 800 to 1600 tenge. The opinion of patients, reviews of psoriasis patients who underwent photochemotherapy, mostly positive. Most emphasize the high efficiency of the method and the absence of serious complications. Many have seen a significant reduction in the severity of rashes as a result of the full course.

  • Immunology


    Immunological laboratory carries out the action

    Dear guests and residents of the capital!

    Extended offer for the entire list of services 

    • Method of bacterial analysis (mycoplasmosis, ureaplazmoz, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, gardnerellosis, candidiasis) with definition of sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics with a 25% discount!
    • For the entire list of services (PCR and ELISA) with 30% discount
  • CSHI


    Center employees are ready to introduce the Compulsory Social Health Insurance system in the Republic of Kazakhstan

    The Center for Dermatology and Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases of Nur-Sultan conducted certification with 100% coverage of employees for the knowledge: "OSMS - affordable and high-quality medical care", the purpose of which is the introduction of Compulsory Social Health Insurance in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    According to the results of this certification, our employees showed high results. There are no employees subject to recertification and also not passed certification.

    Thus, we can say that the employees of the Center are ready to implement the OSMS system!

  • Best practice

    Best practice

    Best practices of the world's leading clinics

    In order to develop the human resources potential of the healthcare system in Kazakhstan, it is planned to train about 8,000 medical workers both domestically and abroad.

    The 105 best specialists, among which the specialists of the Nur-Sultan Center of Dermatology are possible, will adopt the best practices in leading clinics in South Korea, Israel, Russia, Finland and Germany.

    It is also planned to train nurses at the Nazarbayev University School of Medicine. This will contribute to an additional impetus for the development of medical care at the level of paramedical personnel.

  • Salt cave

    Salt cave

    We invite you to halotherapy sessions

    We invite you to halotherapy sessions in the SALT CAVE — as an excellent prevention or rehabilitation after diseases.

    Once in a salt cave, a person breathes a high concentration of salts and air ions, the surrounding air does not contain dust particles, bacteria and possible allergens. You can visit the halochamber not only for medical reasons, such sessions will also benefit healthy people, helping to improve sleep, lower the level of irritability, fatigue and raises the general tone of the body.

    Salt has the following properties:

    • antibacterial
    • anti-inflammatory
    • mucolytic
    • removes pathogenic agents (pollen)
    • reduces the level of hypersensitivity of the immune system


    Skin diseases

    • Neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, baldness, acne, etc.

    Allergic diseases

    • allergic rhinitis, hay fever

    ENT diseases

    • sinusitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, adenoids, etc.

    Respiratory diseases

    • bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma

    Decreased immunity

    • prevention of acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections, nicotine-dependent

    Diseases of the cardiovascular system

    • neurocirculatory dystonia, neurosis

    As well as toxicosis, fetal hypoxia

    A correct and timely visit to the salt cave is the key to strong immunity, well-being and good mood.

    The cost of the procedure:

    • Adults - 1500tg.
    • Children - 1000 tg.
  • Dermatoskop


    The standard of excellence in digital dermatoscopy

    The Center for Dermatology of the city of Nur-Sultan (Kozhvendispanser, PCU on PCV "Center for Dermatology and Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases of the City of Nur-Sultan" of the Akimat of the city of Nur-Sultan) for the first time in Kazakhstan began to use the FotoFinder Dermotoscope (FotoFinder Dermoscope). The standard of excellence in digital dermatoscopy — the FotoFinder dermoscope program allows you to document and analyze various skin and hair problems.

    Dermatology Center of Nur-Sultan

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    News & Promotions

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